13 April 2009

Saw a really awesome band play tonight

They were called Slingshot Dakota. Lemme just say, the recordings don't do them Justice. They were great live, if you can; see this band! Hour Of The Wolf was amazing last night, and then tonight I get to see Slingshot Dakota, and Against Me! the day before. Go Florida!

We're going analog!

Zine coming out Friday. Like a paper one. This blog shit is cool and all, but I'd much rter give something tangible. For those of you who don't live here any more, or are still interested in what's going on around here, I'll be posting more regularly, and only really cool things so you'll at least feel like it was worth the clicks. Definitely look out for the print zine though, it's gonna have poetry, and art, and local businesses, and music, and CD reviews. I'm really excited about it!