25 March 2009

Shove your health insurance up your ass.

So I'm going back to college. Cause for celebration right? I'm not so sure really. While I was trying to register for classes and whatnot, I get a message that I needed to either purchase or waive health insurance. Which seemed innocuous enough, so I ctrl-v the URL and get down to the business of navigating the worst designed websites (possibly ever) to figure out all this nonsense. So when I get down to it and finally find the waive button, I find that you can't simply waive the health insurance, you have to have proof of some other insurance besides the grossly underproviding school insurance.

Granted, I'm not one for health insurance period. Or the medical profession for that matter. Anyway, so I'm thinking what does health insurance have to do with me going to college. Sure I may be away from my parents, and say maybe I might hurt myself. I understand that, I really do. That you need health insurance to even attend classes. Or raher, to attend classes, and have them count for anything is ludicrous. So I'm really annoyed by al this, and I'm going to call the university health people and complain.

What does this have to do with shows you might ask? Absolutely nothing. It does however have to do with the marginalization of those poor/unemployed enough to not be ale to afford "health care" which is a profit driven business, not a health driven community, and that my friends is where I see a problem. When did we allow our health to be taken over by businesses? I know it was before I was born, but just because something's been going on my whole life doesn't make it right. Take back your body, because it seems that step by step we are being controlled.

We have insurance companies, people trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, laws deciding who you can love, and how you an love them. Are we really going to just sit back and watch this all happen quietly? I hope not. As a 22 year old, I'm realizing now that there's not really any more parent figure to hold your hand per se, and sometimes you gotta get dirty to have a garden. My friends, it's time to get some rakes and shovels.

23 March 2009

Don't take your pants off if the temperature is under 60*

Howdy Folks. I've missed you y awesome loyal readers. You've been on my mind the last week. Every show I've been at, Every record I've bought. Every pedal stroke on my bicycle, I've been thinking about you. And so without further ado I'm all yours again. At least until I get tired again tomorrow from Going to shows every day. Ok nevermind. I gotta hurry up and make a record order before the UPS dudes get to No idea. Catch you later.

17 March 2009

March 17th

I know it's been a couple of days, but I went to Gainesville on Sunday to see the Dillinger Four and Anchor Arms. It was super tight, and there ended up being an after show party with In The Red, and Gunmoll reunion. More on that later.

Since this is a Tallahassee centric blog, I think it would be appropriate to inform you that the Gaines Street Project looks like it's going to get started soon. I'm not going to flood you with my opinions, but I think I'll leave a bunch of links on the side so you can read and make up your own mind about how you feel or what you should/shouldn't do about it.

With all that out of the way I got a bunch of records this weekend, so look for reviews in the next couple of days. I got the New Anchor Arms/Why I hate split 12" and it's super hella tight so far. I've only had time to hear the Anchor Arms side, but I'm gonna go listen to the other side now. I also got the new In The Red record which come s out in like 2 weeks I think. Anyway I'll give you a heads up on that. Also look out for some vinyl copies of the Good Luck record. I'm going to Gainesville Friday, and I'll pick some up from No Idea if you want. Just Holler if you want one

14 March 2009


Go play it. Real update later

10 March 2009

Spring Things Day 1

So I got home too late last night, but here's the first day's run down of awesome things to do in Tallahassee this week, and beyond.

First though, I want to tell you about an awesome show going down tomorrow night. Witchfinger is playing at All saints, with Greenland is Melting, and 2 other bands I've never heard of. This is going to rule so hard. If you're in Tallahassee, go to this, then you can go catch Deer Tick after across the street.

1. Ride your bike

I always forget how fun this is, and ten I do it, and wonder why I don't do it more. I'm sure something similar happens to you.

2. House shows

Why are these so awesome? Because of the amount of snacks/friends/bands/smiles that's why!

3. All Saints Cafe

Crazy shit is without fail going down. I'm on my way over there right now. There may be other shops with "better" coffee, but you can't really replicate Jabberjaw. 'Nuff said.

More tomorrow.

08 March 2009

It looks like Spring is here.

I walked outside today, and it seems safe to say that the days of 40 degree and less temperatures are behind us for the next 10 months. I for one am excited about the possibilities afforded to the Tallahassee resident with our newfound balmy spring warmth. I think over the next week I'll post about places one could go in town to Enjoy the weather, and the company of some of the lovely citizens this town has to offer.

Before we get to that however, I think it's time to address the Against Me!/Emilyn Brodsky/Spoonboy/At Will show in Gainesville this past Wednesday. I'm going to try and keep this one short, but I walked up to the house towards the end of At Will's set. The only thing I really remember is them playing their song "Goldman," And at least 30 kids indie the house all yelling along "If I can't dance I don't want to be a part of your revolution NO NO NO NO." It was an awesome way to start out the night. After they finished I made my way in the back door along with my friend Sharkie, and we watched the rest of the show from our amazing Kitchen vantage point. Next was spoonboy, who you might know from the Max Levine Ensemble. His songs were charming, and ful of wit, as was his stageliving room banter. He had things to say, and it was col to see someone playing a show, and handing out fliers for a protestDirect action instead of hawking CD's. Emilyn Brodsky played next, and brought the house down. Literally, she asked everyone to it, and the entire living room went to their butts without batting an eye. It was a great tactic, considering how quiet her overall performance was, comprising of only her voice and a ukulele. That sums up the part of the shoe where I THOUGHT the house was packed. Now on to the part where it really was.

After Emilyn played Members of Against Me! started bringing in equipment. At this point the excitement was palpable. Everyones questions were being answered, they really were there, and they really planned on playing. After set up, they said hello and jumped right into their set. Which you can download at the bottom of this entry. As you'll see in the track names they played quite a few new songs, and quite a few old songs. It was kind of awesome to see them try out new material. It's always funny how kids at shows won't really dance if they don't know the songs, but the second they stated playing Pints of Guinness.. Shit got crazy, and stayed that way until the end of the set.

Here's a picture that doesn't do the amount of humanity in that house justice...

After that we ate at Flaco's. It was super rad.

Against Me! Live at the 1231 house in Gainesville

04 March 2009

Against Me! Gainesville tonight.

story to follow tomorrow

03 March 2009

Sloane Peterson "These Days"

My friend Brian plays guitar in this band called Sloane Peterson. They're from Miami, and the play pop-punk. When I say pop punk, I mean chunky bass, and overdriven guitars and pounding drums. Not any of the weak stuff that bands with hang bangs (Thanks Spike) are putting out, and way catchier than anything this snotty has a right to be.

On to the point of this post. I want to share some music that my friends made. They have this song called these days which should be coming out on a 7" record soon, but in the meantime you can hear the "demo" version on your very own computer, or whatever digital media device you put it onto. I put demo in quotes because this shit sounds slick as fuck, not to mention full. Enough preamble, here's the music.

These Days.mp3

Also check the guitar break at 1:35. You might puke. It's that awesome.

02 March 2009

Fresh Fest update coming soon.

I'm tired beyond all conception of tiredness from this weekend. In addition to Fresh Fest, there'll be a last shed show recap as well. I'm about to head out to the mansion to catch that show. Review tomorrow.