01 June 2009

I've missed you, loyal readers.

I'm sure all 6 of you that read this are wondering where I've been. I'll tell you. I've been practicing, and playing shows with my band, hearing tons of awesome music in the process, which I guess I'll have to share with you all. Instead of making a list of awesome bands I've seen play in the last two months, maybe we'll just do this on a day by day basis. Starting Later today when I wake up.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep this updated since I haven't really posted since that Slingshot Dakota show. Which I still think was awesome by the way. Maybe look out for a Jennfest recap type thing as well. Also There are some killer shows coming up this month, which brings me to my next point. Check out the right flank of this blog, and you can see a list of bands that will be coming through here in the next month. Also if you want your band featured or anything like that just shoot me an
. Tallahassee, remember this blog is yours. It's only going to be as good as you all help me make it. I can't be everywhere at once, and I know there's a lot of awesome shit I don't know about, so help out. Okay I gotta sleep..

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