11 September 2009

Fuck you Fridays

Well hello there, it's been a while, but I think this is worth a blog post. There are so many people/institutions I'm angry with right now, and some rad tunes that you should know about, so I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone.

First fuck you goes to the city of Tallahassee, for telling me to mow the lawn at my house. With no reasons at all, and I'd count reasons, as my neighbors complaining, our grass restricting access for some utilities worker to do their job, blocking the mailbox, etc. None of that, we get a notice about how our grass is out of control, and is affecting the morale and overall happiness of our neighborhood, and we had to mow it or we faced up to $500 in fines. Again all of this without anyone in the neighborhood complaining, etc. So I mowed the lawn, and our landlord called me to tell me that we "passed" the inspection, but the code enforcement lady would like us to do it more regularly, and not so "haphazardly." Well fuck you code enforcement lady. I liked the grass. I liked that I could stand in it and not see my legs, I liked that we had all kinds of cool bees buzzing around our yard because they have enough varieties of flowers for all of them to be happy. And now they're gone.

Fuck you number two goes to the USPS/whoever is stealing our mail. Stealing is so fucking low, I don't even know where to start. Oh really some 7" punk rock records? and a rat fink t shirt? That's what you want? You had to steal from us? Do we even look like we have anything worth stealing? No we're all so fucking broke. Don't think you just get off the hook USPS letter carriers who just left our shit sitting on the porch for people to steal apparently instead of leaving us a fucking package slip. I know you have them in your pocket, and if you would've used it we could have avoided all of this trouble to begin with.

The third fuck you goes to everyone with their flags at half mast today. Seriously, get over it. Also to the US Military recruiters who use days like today to talk poor kids with second class educations into joining military service. This song is for you.

Ok I think I feel a little bit better. I guess I'll post in here a little more regularly because I spent all summer hearing awesome bands, and needing to share them with people. Maybe if I keep this up people might actually start reading this thing. What's up Phil?

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