01 July 2010

The return of Fuck You Fridays.

It's July now. I'm about to turn 24. The world sucks. What better band to usher in the return of This Experiment than Dangers? These guys, are one of my personal favorite hardcore bands doing it right now. They come from all the way across the country in California, and are crafting a brand of angry, intelligent, and unrelenting west coast hardcore the likes of which might change the game. Yes there are a ton of bands coming from the west coast right now, but Dangers is the only one that asks "Why didn't you kill yourself today?" and that's a very important question. It strikes at the essence of everything. What did you do today that's worth your continued existence? That's the kind of vitriol I expect out of hardcore, and get out of Dangers. Strangely enough, that's the name of their label. Vitriol Records.

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