08 March 2009

It looks like Spring is here.

I walked outside today, and it seems safe to say that the days of 40 degree and less temperatures are behind us for the next 10 months. I for one am excited about the possibilities afforded to the Tallahassee resident with our newfound balmy spring warmth. I think over the next week I'll post about places one could go in town to Enjoy the weather, and the company of some of the lovely citizens this town has to offer.

Before we get to that however, I think it's time to address the Against Me!/Emilyn Brodsky/Spoonboy/At Will show in Gainesville this past Wednesday. I'm going to try and keep this one short, but I walked up to the house towards the end of At Will's set. The only thing I really remember is them playing their song "Goldman," And at least 30 kids indie the house all yelling along "If I can't dance I don't want to be a part of your revolution NO NO NO NO." It was an awesome way to start out the night. After they finished I made my way in the back door along with my friend Sharkie, and we watched the rest of the show from our amazing Kitchen vantage point. Next was spoonboy, who you might know from the Max Levine Ensemble. His songs were charming, and ful of wit, as was his stageliving room banter. He had things to say, and it was col to see someone playing a show, and handing out fliers for a protestDirect action instead of hawking CD's. Emilyn Brodsky played next, and brought the house down. Literally, she asked everyone to it, and the entire living room went to their butts without batting an eye. It was a great tactic, considering how quiet her overall performance was, comprising of only her voice and a ukulele. That sums up the part of the shoe where I THOUGHT the house was packed. Now on to the part where it really was.

After Emilyn played Members of Against Me! started bringing in equipment. At this point the excitement was palpable. Everyones questions were being answered, they really were there, and they really planned on playing. After set up, they said hello and jumped right into their set. Which you can download at the bottom of this entry. As you'll see in the track names they played quite a few new songs, and quite a few old songs. It was kind of awesome to see them try out new material. It's always funny how kids at shows won't really dance if they don't know the songs, but the second they stated playing Pints of Guinness.. Shit got crazy, and stayed that way until the end of the set.

Here's a picture that doesn't do the amount of humanity in that house justice...

After that we ate at Flaco's. It was super rad.

Against Me! Live at the 1231 house in Gainesville

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