25 March 2009

Shove your health insurance up your ass.

So I'm going back to college. Cause for celebration right? I'm not so sure really. While I was trying to register for classes and whatnot, I get a message that I needed to either purchase or waive health insurance. Which seemed innocuous enough, so I ctrl-v the URL and get down to the business of navigating the worst designed websites (possibly ever) to figure out all this nonsense. So when I get down to it and finally find the waive button, I find that you can't simply waive the health insurance, you have to have proof of some other insurance besides the grossly underproviding school insurance.

Granted, I'm not one for health insurance period. Or the medical profession for that matter. Anyway, so I'm thinking what does health insurance have to do with me going to college. Sure I may be away from my parents, and say maybe I might hurt myself. I understand that, I really do. That you need health insurance to even attend classes. Or raher, to attend classes, and have them count for anything is ludicrous. So I'm really annoyed by al this, and I'm going to call the university health people and complain.

What does this have to do with shows you might ask? Absolutely nothing. It does however have to do with the marginalization of those poor/unemployed enough to not be ale to afford "health care" which is a profit driven business, not a health driven community, and that my friends is where I see a problem. When did we allow our health to be taken over by businesses? I know it was before I was born, but just because something's been going on my whole life doesn't make it right. Take back your body, because it seems that step by step we are being controlled.

We have insurance companies, people trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, laws deciding who you can love, and how you an love them. Are we really going to just sit back and watch this all happen quietly? I hope not. As a 22 year old, I'm realizing now that there's not really any more parent figure to hold your hand per se, and sometimes you gotta get dirty to have a garden. My friends, it's time to get some rakes and shovels.

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  1. thats weird cause i got an e-mail a few months ago that said they are doing away with the mandatory health insurance policy. I have school insurance though. It's actually not bad.