03 March 2009

Sloane Peterson "These Days"

My friend Brian plays guitar in this band called Sloane Peterson. They're from Miami, and the play pop-punk. When I say pop punk, I mean chunky bass, and overdriven guitars and pounding drums. Not any of the weak stuff that bands with hang bangs (Thanks Spike) are putting out, and way catchier than anything this snotty has a right to be.

On to the point of this post. I want to share some music that my friends made. They have this song called these days which should be coming out on a 7" record soon, but in the meantime you can hear the "demo" version on your very own computer, or whatever digital media device you put it onto. I put demo in quotes because this shit sounds slick as fuck, not to mention full. Enough preamble, here's the music.

These Days.mp3

Also check the guitar break at 1:35. You might puke. It's that awesome.

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