25 February 2009

I just woke up, and yes I know what itme it is. Also show review

Eyes and Teeth Art & music showcase

So last week I get a call right before practice asking if my band wants to play a show, to which we said yes. We knew nothing about the show besides the fat that their would be art on the walls, and On the Strings of was playing as well. Let me tel you Upon my arrival I was in for a huge awesome surprise. We showed up with our equipment, to find 4 artists hanging some really col stuff on the wall. I don't know if they all have website, but I know JLP does and you can see the things he hung in a digital format. Also Nick Fisher, who does art under the Moniker Sick fisher hung some very interesting, and colorful pieces. I know nothing about reviewing art, but His pieces looked very cool especially against the paint on the walls. Then there was Meg Scherwitzky, who put up some really cool stuff. It's always cool to see art you like and then find out one of your friends did it after. Also Charles Saylor had a few pieces up with some a collage kind of feel, at least that's what I got out of it. There was no cover at the door, and lots of people cam through to check out the art.

Aside from the art there was also the music which may or may not have been the "teeth" in the name of the show. Maybe eyes for art, Music for teeth? Maybe I'm reading too much into all of this. Who knows?

First up was On The Strings Of, for whom I wish I had more than youtube links, but it seems that for now you'l have to live with video. There's a video 2 posts down. Check it out. Sebastian was on last night. He shunned his familiar acoustic presentation for a more (I thought) enlivened rendition of his songs. He played a few he hadn't played in a while, and also some awesome new ones. I highly recommend checking out OTSO if you get the chance any time soon.

Next up was a band called Sun State, which I was really excited about before they started because they had probably15 instruments on stage for 3 people to play. This was shaping up to be extremely promising. However, they seemed to not get the memo that it was 1
1. A free show
2. Tuesday night
3. not happening at an arena
So they played for upwards of an hour, I don't know if I was really into their songs so such as looking at their instruments which included; a pedal steel, a mandolin, a sweet translucent red Les Paul, a banjo, and more guitars than I care to shake a fist at. I don't really remember what they sounded like at all, but I have their demo, so I'll check it out later. When I'm less annoyed at looking at the same 3 people for 2 hours.

The third act was a girl names Shannon, and her friend, whose name I can't recall right now. She played cello, he played guitar and sang. It was quite a nice juxtaposition from Sun State I thought. I actually paid some attention to them. They were pretty cool, His voice was kind of Jason Shevchuck Gravely, but still more on the singy side. It was quite nice. One of the songs was something about a nice rack, that's all I really picked up though. After some arguing with the sound guy, and microphone movement, their set ended without a hitch. Look for them in the future.

Then my band played. I don't know how we were, but I had an ass ton of fun. I looked up and saw smiling faces, I almost fell over 15 times, A girl was dancing. I couldn't have asked for more.

It was a successful night I think, and I hope to see more in the future. It was a great idea the marriage of the visual and the aural. Hopefully more artists and musicians get involved in this, and Tallahassee supports it.

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  1. Homemade Hand Grenade ruled at this show, and even more so at Fresh Fest.