23 February 2009

Shows cont'd

To finish out this week at the Engine Room we have

Wednesday - Pontiak
The Random notes of Decay
Kingsbury (Supertigt band from Orlando)

Thursday - It just says hip hop on their myspace.

Friday - The Mason Jars
Young Goodman Brown
Kid Hart

The Shed

Sturday - Last show t the shed it seems
Spanish Gamble
Homemade Handgrenade
Assassinate the Scientist
7:00 on the dot. Be on time if you want to catch this.

Castlemania, Burnett Park, Shit Shack, OAF house

Friday - Freshfest
Saturday - Freshfest
Sunday - Freshfest


Friday - Goldylocks *(Anybody got any info on this band?)

Satuday - Core
Sinister Nasty
Almost Kings
Ghost of Gloria
$6 21^ $10 under

That seems to be everything this week. If you've got anything else going on please let me know, so I can get it up here.

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