17 February 2009

So I was looking at UrbanTallahassee.com..

Because really, what else is there to do at 4:30 in the morning. So I was checking out the capital region stimulus plan, and while a lot of things I had no comment on the necessity of it seems like cameras on Gaines street to the tune of $750,000 is extremely excessive. Especially when the amount of jobs it's supposed to create is unknown. I have copied the table directly from their website (I borrowed some code,) so you're getting verbatim what's up on the site.




2 Branch Libraries: Lake Jackson & Eastside $11,000,000.00 unknown
Lake Henrietta Trail Connection $200,000.00 unknown
Playground Equipment & Surfacing $1,000,000.00 unknown
Trail Systems Improvements: Upgrade dirt trail system to gravel with a stone dust surface trail system. $400,000.00 unknown
City of Tallahassee - Gaines Street Surveillance Camera System: Per TPD reccomendations for crime reduction. $750,000.00 unknown

I haven't read quite enough to give you a rundown on all this, but as someone who sends quite a bit of time on, or around Gaines St. It seems like those cameras are unnecessary.

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  1. I agree. I think instead of investing the money on cameras, the same dollars could be used to purchase some attractive (perhaps artistic looking) street lamps for Gaines. Lighting the street would enhance safety and improve the look of the roadway.