16 February 2009

Some Shows that are coming up.

The Third Rail Hip-hop monthly party is going down tonight. It's at the Engine Room.
I hear tell of a show tonight at Cory Driscoll/Drew E's House. Anyone got any info on this? Holler.

Loks like Go Radio is coming home for a day on the 23rd. I hear they found someone to fill in Tony's spot. Who is it? Find out at the Engine Room Next Monday.

Also the Random notes of Decay are playing at the Engine Room on the 25th with Pontiak, and an awesome band called Kingsbury.

So Hopefully everyone knows about Fresh Fest 2, and how it's going down February 27-March 1, Right? If not check out their website at Tallyfreshfest.com. In addition to shows they will be hosting a lot of workshops, that many of you may find of interest. Check the list. They also have an up to date list of bands that are playing on their site as well. All ticket information is available on their site. Don't be lazy, check it out.

February 28th, in addition to the Fresh Fest Offering, there's a super gnarly goodbye show to the shed, as well as tour kickoff for Safety from Tampa/Tallahassee. Joining them will be Spanish Gamble(Formerly Dirty Money,) From Gainesville, Homemade Handgrenade, Assasinate the Scientist(GNV), and Koala-T.

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