15 February 2009

Show review Look Mexico + SMATBKOTDA + Curious Animals

So Club Downunder threw a local favorites show for Valentines Day, and it was a complete blast. It was pretty much everything I think Tallahassee's been missing for a little while, a well attended show, full of local bands. Anyway, on with the review.

I got there late 1 or 2 songs into the Blackest Knights' set, and while disappointed at not getting to see Curious Animals, I was also extremely pumped to walk in on so much awesome. I went to Gainesville last week to see them play, and couldn't get in because I left my wallet in Tallahassee (which is another story), so I was extra happy to catch them tonight. They sounded awesome although I couldn't really discern the bass from the mix, but Josh was still playing like a madman, and I knew some sweet shit was goin down. I don't know what I can say about this band and how tight they are, how fun they are, and how much rock they bring that hasn't already been said, so I'll just give you this link to Their Myspace.

Next up was Look Mexico, Tallahassee's current "IT" band I would say. Boy do they deserve it. These guys have been locked up under a pizza joint working on their newest record, and the hard work is definitely paying off. They are some of the hardest working dudes I've seen in a while, and the constant touring shows. Their set was seamless, not once was there even an opportunity for someone to yell "less talk, more rock." There was however, tons of smiling, and dancing going on. In case you missed it, they covered "Pretty Woman," and everyone loved it. The new songs are sounding awesome, and Look out for the new record, and check out Gasp Asp if you haven't gotten a chance yet. It's super tight, and they have a music video (See below).

This video may or may not feature Spike Mott, of Blackest Knights fame as a pie chef.

If anyone was there for the Curious Animals set, and wants to type something up about it holler at me.

That's about it for now, it's almost 7:00 AM, and I should probably sleep. Stay tuned for more show updates, and please comment or email me with any shows to post, flers, or feedback. Look out for interviews, and a print edition coming soon.

-Capital Gaines

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