11 February 2009

RIP Tallahassee shows

It seems that my favorite source for information on local shows has gone the way of Freddy Mercury and bit the dust. As such, it seems that there needs to be a place for Tallahasseans, Tallahessians, hunx, punx, and other live music lovers to gather information, like showtimes, and locations. Any help anyone wants to give, like show info, or flier scans would be greatly appreciated. That said, heres what I know id going on for sure this Week. Thursday-Saturday.

Kevin Batchelor & Cedric IM Brooks of the Skatalites
Trial By Stone

The Engine Room 9:00

Farewell Flight
Jettison Never
Allie Wetzel
The Favored Sons
Matt James

The Engine Room

Look Mexico
The Blackest Knights of the Darkest Apocalypse
Curious Animals

Club Downunder

Valentines Ball
me and the devil
dj acrojam
this town right now
readers die; jest

Engine Room
8:00 doors
9:00 show
$3 if you come dressed formally, $5 if you don't

Well, more shows to come.

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